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February 2018 Update
February 23, 2018

Temporary Offices & New Enterances

Phase 2 completion is expected in March. The lower level doors near the Library provide an easier access to the building. We have elected to wait to complete the entryway flooring until the sidewalks are poured to minimize tracking dirt, snow, salt onto the new floor. Throughout the month, the entire front will be developed--inside and out. The Grand hallway will be completed, along with the new stairway to the second level, with our Sunday School registration desk. The new Welcoming Center outside the sanctuary will receive its final touches and we hope to have it ready for Easter Sunday.

Toward the end of the month, we anticipate moving Sunday worship back to the sanctuary, complete with new heating & cooling, chancel lights, AV, sound and a LOOP hearing assist system. We look forward to being together in this beautiful space.

The staff has successfully been moved to its temporary office in the Fellowship Hall area. They will remain here through the completion of Phase 3 in May. The final phase consists of the new nursery, updated offices, hallway restrooms, parlor, and music area.

During Phase 3, please watch for weekly updates in the bulletin and Friday email blasts, as we share updates and changes to weekly class locations, Bible studies, or music rehearsals.

We appreciate your cooperation during this time. We are pleased with the progress and look forward to celebrating its completion with you.

Community Center Nears Completion
August 16, 2017

HVAC, Drywall and Exterior Finishes

As we are nearing the end of the summer we are looking forward to the completion of the Community Center. We are roughly a month away from being able to use the new space for church programs. The new heating and cooling components are going in, along with the final electrical work. The new classrooms and storage space will be a much needed addition to the education ministries in the church.

The rear of the building is being readied for final landscaping and painting. The new ramp, with its much lower slope, is in place and handrails will be going up shortly. Sod will go up on the hill and courtyard behind the church by the end of the summer.

Community Center Floor
July 14, 2017

Poured flooring, new electrical and plumbing

The concrete floor for the community center, hallway and the new classrooms on the second floor of the children's education wing has been poured. The supports behind the community center for the air conditioning unit are in and we hope to see the new unit installed by the end of the month. The begining of the plumbing and electrical systems in the community center and classrooms is in place, and should be powered up in the next several weeks.

The new service window from the kitchen to the community center has been cut out and the countertop has been ordered. There will now be a door from the old pantry/new service area out to the hallway.

Community Center Connections
June 14, 2017

Siding, Bringing Down Walls

What an exciting few weeks it has been. The block and siding has been going up on the community center. The masons have formed out the new storage room, the upstairs classroom and the new stairwell is in. The hallway into the community center and the new restrooms are coming along nicely. This week they have broken through the old walls and are tying the new space into our existing building.

Inside the building, the bathrooms across from the Library are being renovated. The new tile is going in fast and we are told the bathrooms will be complete prior to June 25 (Vacation Bible School). The ceiling tiles and new lights are being installed in the second floor Sunday School area and thanks to a bunch of wonderful volunteers this area will see new paint next week from Adult Righteous Mission.

Steel Work
May 4, 2017

Steel Structure for Community Center

After a very long day for the construction crew, the steel structure for the Community Center has been set up. The area behind the Community Center and the back yard of the church has been has been backfilled and graded. Work will continue in the next few weeks to tie the new space into the existing building at the rear of the building, and the masons will be working to finish out the inside of the structure.

Community Center Walls Going Up
April 20, 2017

Community Center Walls and 2nd Floor Renovations

It has been a busy few weeks both inside and outside. The walls for the Community Center are almost complete. The structure is up, and soon we will see waterproofing and then backfilling the area behind the walls with dirt. The steel structure and roof will begin to go up in the next few weeks.

The hallway behind the Fellowship Hall and the food pantry will remain blocked off, and work will begin to tie the current building into the Community Center. The lower hallway emergency exit to the back of the building will see some additional work as that exit is now permanently closed.

The second floor Sunday School wing has seen quite a transformation. New electrical, HVAC ductwork and new lights are installed. A reconfiguration of the walls upstairs opens two of the classrooms up to a large classroom/Children’s Church/meeting room. Work will continue upstairs for the coming months, where we will eventually see new flooring and finally new spaces.

Thank you all for your understanding and patience through this construction process and thank you for your generosity that is making this possible.

Foundation II and 2nd Floor
March 16, 2017

Expansion Quick Video #1

This week the we have seen improvements on site as several piles of dirt, asphalt and debris have been removed from the site. Work continues on the foundations for the community center.

Inside, improvements have continued on the 2nd floor Sunday School Wing:

  • New pipe is in place for fire supression
  • New ductwork for heating and air conditioning is in
  • Electrical wiring has been added and updated

Next week we will see more progress on the foundation for the community center.

March 10, 2017

Work Continues on Foundations and Sunday School Wing

Work is progressing on the foundations for the Community Center. Parts of the structure have arrived on site, and next week we will see more cement trucks. Inside, pipe is being installed in the Sunday School Wing for the fire supression system and work on the electrical wiring has begun.

State Of The Church
March 6, 2017

State Of The Church Video #1

I shared this video in church on Sunday to provide you with current information about our ministry at Clarkston United Methodist Church. As you view it today, I hope you will join with me in celebrating, supporting and engaging in this life changing community.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Rick

Site Work Near Completion
March 3, 2017

Site Work: Storm Drains and Sewer

Work is nearing completion for the storm drain and sanitary sewer improvements on site. The crews have been hard at work digging up old lines and even pieces of parking lot to install the storm drain lines and catch basins.

To complete all the drains before beginning the footings and foundations, excavation on site has taken place in the back, sides and the front of the building. Sections of the parking lot and some of the front sidewalk has been removed and replaced with compacted crushed stone.

Over the next few weeks the berm at the top of the hill behind the church will be built, and the foundations for the community center will begin. Inside, work will begin on the fire suppression system and HVAC in the Sunday School Wing.

We ask for your continued prayers for the church, the workers and for the people whose lives we may touch in the future.

Work Begins On Sunday School Wing
February 5, 2017

Temporary Area Closure for Work on 2nd Floor

On Sunday, February 5th several volunteers are gathering after church to pack up the 2nd floor Sunday School Wing. The Sunday School wing will be inaccessible between February 6th and February 15th. During that time, the ceiling grid and ceiling panels on the 2nd floor will be removed. After these items are removed, all items will be moved back to the 2nd floor and the space will be opened back up for activities. When the space is reopened on the 15th, the rear stairwell will remain closed.

The work on the Sunday School wing is the first part of the Ministry Expansion Project where work will be done inside the building. The removal of the ceiling grid will allow access during the week to begin installing new utilities and HVAC equipment. The rear stairwell will remain closed as that exit from the building will be made ready to tie into the new community center as construction progresses. While the space we have grown to love is changing, this is an exciting time in the life of the church as we begin to see the improvements being made to the facility. We are still a long way from the completion of the project, but we steadily making progress on improving the facility for the purpose of connecting people to people and people to God.

January 3, 2017


On Sunday, December 4, CUMC celebrated its groundbreaking! Following worship, each participant wrote a message on a wooden stake, outlining the new construction outline. We had a blessing, and shovels were put into the ground declaring the space dedicated to future ministry.

In January, the construction will begin. The first area to be addressed is the land where the Multi-Purpose Community Center will be built. Heavy equipment will be onsite for excavation behind the Fellowship Hall. Concrete will be poured and steel beams will arrive. This phase should be complete by July 1st. The contractor trailer will be positioned in the rear parking lot, and contractors will be utilizing a portion of that lot during the week.

The area under construction will be marked with Safety signs and fenced off. When driving through the parking lot, please use extra caution when driving or walking from the Church Street entrance.

The next year will be exciting as we see foundations laid, steel installed, and walls erected. We look forward in anticipation to the many ways in which we will grow our faith and our ability to make a difference in the lives of others.