Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be loans for the project?

We were successful in securing Capital Campaign commitments for $3.3M. We will likely begin with a construction loan in Spring 2016, which will bridge to a mortgage for the balance. The goal of the second Capital Campaign would be to pay off the mortgage so that the Building Expansion project is debt free by 2022.

What amount remains on the existing mortgage?

$ 500,000. This mortgage was paid off in December of 2016 when the construction financing was finalized with Thrivent Financial.

When would the 2nd Capital campaign begin?

Spring 2018

Will our operating expenses go up? If so, how will this be funded?

It is expected that operating expenses will be affected by the enlarged facility, but we will also achieve an offset of those increases from an updated infrastructure and HVAC throughout the entire footprint, resulting in a more effective and efficient system. The aged, failing equipment we have today experiences unexpected amounts of service calls and repairs. Such unplanned expenses which will be dramatically reduced.

Are we going to add staff for janitorial/maintenance of new space?

s the new space becomes available, we will work diligently with SPRC and the Trustees to determine the necessary requirements and staffing for property cleaning and maintenance.

Are we going to need to add staff for programming?

Staff needs are assessed by our programs. At this time, we have no immediate needs to add to the existing Programming Staff beyond the efforts SPRC is pursuing with its 2016 plans. We celebrate that we have a highly talented, skilled team in place to address our Music, Children & Youth, Missions, Adult, Nursery, Outreach, Pastoral & Congregational Care needs today.

When do we plan on building new offices?

The architectural plans provide new office space & reconfigured workspace within the construction footprint for all staff. Should future needs dictate, the Master Design allows for additional expansion to the building. Current funding and design does not include this.

Does the plan create additional parking?

Only minor changes are planned with additional parking in the circle drive/Drop Off area. Plans will be in place for large event parking, coordinating space and potential shuttle accommodations with the adjacent school parking lots. During construction, some parking spaces will be temporarily unavailable.

Do we have money in the budget to upgrade technology?

Technology upgrades are an important part of the infrastructure upgrade. The current budget earmarks funding for some essential I/T improvements throughout the facility.

What is the planned order for construction? (sequence of the construction by area)

Proper planning for this remains work in progress. Our Construction Management firm (Rewold) will work diligently with us to determine the optimal plan. We will work with the Programming Staff to coordinate the church events to ensure we minimize the impact on our ministry areas. Changes and updates will be communicated regularly.

What parts of the church will be accessible during the construction?

This remains work in process until we determine the construction planning and timing. We plan to provide regular updates for accessibility throughout the construction, to ensure building accessibility is well marked and communicated.

How will we get updates?

The Building Committee will provide periodic updates in the CHIMES, as well as the church website, under the Expansion tab. We will use the weekly Friday email blast for more time sensitive information. Rewold (Construction Management firm) may provide a webcam for real-time updates.